see the world through coffee

% Philosophy

I was raised by parents who were enthusiasts of

a universal language called ‘’Esperanto,’’ and every summer,

we attended a World Esperanto Congress held somewhere

in the world. My father owned a trading company,

and he often took me on his business trips,

so I have been a traveller since I was young.

While seeing so many countries, different cultures,

rich and poor people, happy and unhappy people,

I often wondered who I was and asked myself

what kind of life I wanted to live.

I grew up in Tokyo and after high school, I moved to California.

I found a cozy apartment in Venice Beach,

where I watched beautiful sunsets every evening,

and I soaked myself in the beach and hippie culture.

After college, I started working for a trading company,

so I continued travelling overseas on business.

A lot was learned while working closely with business

owners around the world; seeing their mindset towards work and life.

Most of them were very wealthy, but I found that

some were happy and others were not.

This caused me to ask the same two questions:

Who am I?

What kind life do I want to live?

I thought over these two questions for countless times

over the years, and eventually I found my answers.

・I want to live a simple and down-to-earth life.

・I only need the basics to be satisfied: food, clothing

and a house.

・Life my parents did for me, I want to travel with

my children and build a higher standard for them.

And my last answer was coffee.

I really need an amazing cup of coffee everyday,

and this is why I founded % Arabica.

In order to provide the best coffee possible,

I bought a coffee farm in Hawaii, started a green bean trading company,

became the sole-exporter of a Japanese roasting machine

called Tornado King, became a distributor of one of the best espresso

machines in the world called Slayer, and together with a world

latte art champion, Junichi Yamaguchi, and a super talented architect,

Masaki Kato, we opened % Arabica in the beautiful Higashiyama

area in Kyoto, the world heritage.

Our dream is to expand % Arabica to all over the world,

so that young baristas can ‘’See the World Through Coffee.’’

We only live once, so let’s explore the world we live in, set goals,

and enjoy our time together over an amazing cup of coffee.


% Arabica Coffee Roaster & Farm
Founder & Owner
Kenneth Shoji

























、 ハワイにコーヒー農園を購入し、生豆商社を始め、






。 各国に拠点を作り、我々のコーヒーを提供すると共に

、 若いバリスタが見聞を増やし、人生の目標を設定する機会を作れれば



、 一度きりの人生を謳歌しよう。



% Cafe Kyoto

% ARABICA Kyoto Arashiyama
3-47, Sagatenryuji Susukinobabacho, Ukyo-ku, Kyoto 616-8385
tel: 075-748-0057
Shop hours: 8am - 6pm
Open daily

アラビカ京都 嵐山
〒616-8385 京都府右京区嵯峨天龍寺芒ノ馬場町3-47
営業時間:8am - 6pm

% ARABICA Kyoto Fujii Daimaru
Fujii Daimaru Department Store
Shijoteramachi Shimogyo-ku
Tel : 075-221-8181
Shop Hours : 10:30am - 8pm
Open Daily

アラビカ京都 藤井大丸
〒600-8031京都府下京区四条寺町 藤井大丸1f
営業時間:10:30am - 8pm

% ARABICA Kyoto Higashiyama
87-5 Hoshinocho Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto 605-0853
tel: 075-746-3669
Shop hours: 8am - 6pm
Open daily

アラビカ京都 東山
〒605-0853 京都府京都市東山区星野町87-5
営業時間:8am - 6pm

% Cafe Hong Kong

% Arabica Hong Kong (Headquarters)
Shop G08, Discovery Bay North Plaza, Discovery Bay, New Territories, Hong Kong
tel: +852-2885-1312
Office hours: 8am - 4pm
Closed on Weekends

This is where all the behind the scenes
magic happens at % Arabica. 
It is open to the public but please note that
seating is limited as this is our main office.

% Arabica Kuwait

% Arabica Kuwait
Al-Sarraf Tower, Ahmad Al Jaber St,
Kuwait City, Kuwait
Shop hours:7am - 7pm
Open Daily

% Arabica Dubai

% Arabica Berlin


Junichi Yamaguchi
Head Barista

Junichi was born in Kyoto in 1980.
He worked at The Theatre Coffee from 2012. Since 2011, he has participated in the Coffee Fest Latte Art Championship in America where he finished 2nd in Chicago in June 2013, finished 3rd in Seattle in October 2013, finished 3rd in New York in March 2014, and became the world champion in the first Coffee Fest Latte Art Championship held outside of America, in Tokyo in April 2014.
He is currently working as Group Manager of Coffee Division at Asiamix Japan Limited, the parent company of % Arabica.
At % Arabica Kyoto, he will work as Head Barista, together with baristas from various countries.


山口淳一 (ヘッドバリスタ)1980年京都生まれ。
2012年よりThe Theatre Coffeeでバリスタとして活動。
その前年の2011年からアメリカで毎年3回開催されるCoffee Fest Latte Art World Championshipに参加。
2013年6月のシカゴ大会で世界2位、同10月のシアトル大会で世界3位、2014年3月 のニューヨーク大会で世界3位、同4月の東京大会で晴れて世界チャンピオンとなる。
2014年4月よりASIAMIX株式会社のCoffee Division Group Managerに就任。% Arabica京都では各国からのバリスタを束ねるヘッドバリスタを務める。


% Arabica is constantly on the look-out for passionate individuals to join our wonderful group of hardworking, creative, and fun baristas. We currently offer % Internships; a volunteer programme in which coffee enthusiasts and aspiring baristas from all over the world can come join us for one week in Kyoto. % Internships include 7 days of working side by side with our local baristas. No prior barista experience necessary and accommodation will be provided. Once the internship has concluded, outstanding candidates will be considered for returning part-time/full-time offers. To apply, please click here and you will be redirected to our application page. Due to the high volume of applicants, we apologise that we cannot reply to every application. Please allow 2 weeks after submission for us to contact you if we would like to schedule an interview.



In this page, we’ll introduce the two machines we use to serve you quality coffee.

1. Tornado King
For a great cup of coffee, it’s a must to have freshly roasted coffee beans. Coffee beans start the process of oxidization from the moment they are roasted, and after 48 to 72 hours, their taste peaks, and after that slowly goes bad. So the Golden Rule to enjoy tasty coffee at home is to buy a small quantity of freshly roasted beans, store them under room temperature in the shade, and use them within one week.
We at % Arabica know how difficult it is to buy fresh roasted coffee beans at local stores.

Our roasting machine, ‘’Tornado King’’, will solve this problem. This modern Japanese roasting machine can roast from 100g with 500 different roasting patterns, and it only takes 5 minutes to roast one batch.
At % Arabica, we roast each customer’s beans differently according to their tastes, and we roast each batch after taking an order. So our customers can select the beans and roast level they like, and always bring home the freshest coffee beans possible. Please come to % Arabica, order around one weeks worth of coffee, so you can always have the best coffee available at home or office.

2. Slayer Espresso
Once freshly roasted coffee beans from our Tornado King hit their tasting peak after 48 to 72 hours, we use the beans to serve coffee at our shop.
The espresso machine we use is Slayer Espresso from Seattle.
Most traditional espresso machines from Italy only pulls espresso like an automatic digital camera. That is to say, the machine pulls espressowith 9 bars of pressure when the barista pushes a button. We wanted something more.
We selected this unique machine because we put so much effort farming our coffee in Hawaii, trading green beans from around the world, and custom roasting beans with our Tornado King. We wanted the best Espresso possible.

Unlike the traditional espresso machine, Slayer works like an analog film camera. Baristas can change water temperature, water flow at pre-brew stage, and brewing time, to enable baristas to work like true artists and pull the best taste from any coffee bean.

Please come and enjoy our coffee at % Arabica.
We farm, we trade, we roast, and we use Slayer to serve you the best cup of coffee possible in order to make you smile.

3. Show Room
% Arabica not only uses the Tornado King and Slayer at our shops, but also serves as the exporting agent for Tornado King to the world, and is the sole distributor of Slayer Espresso to Japan and Hong Kong.
At % Arabica Kyoto, % Arabica Hong Kong, and % Arabica Tokyo’s showroom, feel free to try out the machines if you are interested in purchasing them.
Please make a reservation at



1. Tornado King (トルネードキング)
焙煎されたコーヒー豆は焙煎直後から酸化を開始し、焙煎後48時間〜72時間後に味のピークを迎え、その後は劣化をしていきます。ご自宅で美味しいコーヒーを楽しむには、焙煎したての豆を購入して、日陰の常温で保存をして、 1週間で飲みきるというのが鉄則ですが、なかなか焙煎したての豆を購入することは難しいものです。

それを可能にするのがアラビカが使用する国産焙煎機「トルネードキング」です。トルネードキングは500種類の焙煎パターンを記録することができ、豆に合わせて焙煎時間や焙煎度合いを調整することができ、焙煎時間も5分程ですので、アラビカではお客様の注文を受けてから焙煎をする スタイルをとっています。

2. Slayer Espresso (スレイヤー エスプレッソ)
トルネードキングによって焙煎された豆は、焙煎後48時間〜72時間の味のピークを迎えたの時点で、ショップのドリンクとして提供されます。 アラビカが使用するエスプレッソマシンは、現在のサードウェーブコーヒーと共にアメリカのシアトルで開発された「スレイヤー」です。




3. Show Room(ショールーム)
アラビカはトルネードキングとスレイヤーをショップで使用するだけではなく、トルネードキングは世界に向けての輸出元、スレイヤーは日本と香 港での総代理店を務めており、 この素晴らしいマシンの販売にも力を入れております。
アラビカ京都店、香港店、そして東京のショールームでは、 トルネードキングとスレイヤーを操作し体験することも出来ます。